Looking for a new pencil sharpener?

Are you looking for a new pencil sharpener?  Try the Bostitch Quiet Sharp 6!  I purchased this pencil sharpener at Wal-Mart a few days ago.  We first tried one of their cheap $5 battery operated pencil sharpener that didn’t even want to sharpen one pencil before stopping sharpening.  It went back to Wal-Mart a few days later.

When I took the Bostitch out of its box the first thing I noticed were the suction cups on the bottom that secures the sharpener to the table/counter where you place it.  It makes it nice so a young child cannot accidentally pull it down on them.  The Bostitch Quiet Sharp 6 sharpened about 15 pencils in a row without freezing.  It allows you to sharpen six different size pencils from the small ones all the way to the big ones.  My 6 year old asks me if she can sharpen her pencils every day!  🙂  The container that holds the shavings is very roomy so you are not having to empty it frequently.  Like the name it is quiet when sharpening pencils!!


I received no money/product for sharing this review.  I am sharing my review just to share it.

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