This is going to be a different post. Usually, I post about life and homeschooling. I believe this may be my first sports related post since my blogging days in high school and college. This will also be my first post on this blog in a long time.

I am a Braves fan. Always have been and always will be. I have been following them since I was little. As has my mom who, as a child, listened to their games on the radio with her grandfather.

As a child, I was a bit spoiled in the number of games I got to watch on television. TBS was their station for the longest time and they were on TV, in my area, more than any other team in the MLB. I knew all the player’s names, had posters, etc.

Now, I am lucky to catch one of their games on television every couple of years. We don’t have cable and they are on a local station once in a blue moon. I am embarrassed to say that I cannot name one current player on the 2020 team.

Although, last night, checked and saw that Smoltzie (John Smoltz) will be one of the commentators for the NLCS. So at least there will be a familiar to me Braves face.

Since the NLCS is on Fox this week, I am looking forward to cheering my Braves on!

Have a wonderful evening and Go Braves!

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