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ArtAchieve makes art fun!  My girls have been enjoying lessons in Entire Level II.


ArtAchieveArtAchieve offers five levels of lessons: Entire Level IEntire Level IIEntire Level III, Entire Level IV, and Entire Level V.

Level II lessons are $5 each for a 1-year license and are available to be completed by video or powerpoint.  The video lessons are approximately 30 minutes.  Plan approximately one hour per week to complete the lesson including the video and to provide time for your student to work on their picture.  Additional time will be needed if you choose to explore further with the Cross-Curricular Connections.

Lessons available in Level II are:

  • The Swedish Dala Horse
  • The Korean Wedding Duck
  • The Japanese Goldfish
  • The Elephant from Ghana
  • The Ukrainian Cat
  • The German Nutcracker
  • The Sri Lankan Landscape
  • Tessellations: Repeating a Pattern to Create Original Art
  • The Ukrainian Rooster
  • Hiding Butterflies
  • The Mexican Mask
  • The Russian Fortress–Color Value and Analogous Colors
  • The Polish Szopka
  • The Mermaid from Denmark

Supplies are very basic and inexpensive such as: watercolor paper, cardstock, a fine tipped black magic marker, masking tape, 2 watercolor brushes (#4 and #6 round), and acrylic paints.

Every lesson begins with inspiration for the lesson, including a little bit of art history.

Students begin with warm up exercises, including a warm-up page.  The warm-up page allows the student to practice drawing lines used in the picture.

A sample warm-up block from the Hiding Butterflies lesson is above and below Sweet Pea is working on a warm-up page.

The students are taken step by step through drawing the sample picture.  While they are drawing the picture, students are encouraged to make the picture their own such as changing the number of feathers on the wing.  After the video is complete, students then add color to their pictures.

Explore further about topics related to your lesson through Cross-Curricular Connections.  These include activities from: Social Studies, Art Extensions, Science, Literature, Writing, and just for fun.

For example in the Cross-Curricular Connections for Lesson 5 your student may explore Ukrainian history, read ‘Dick Whittington and His Cat’, or write a paper about cat myths.  The cat video that we watched as suggested in the Lesson 5  Cross-Circular Connections is pretty funny.

If you are interested in trying a sample lesson please check out The Czech Cat lesson.

I love the encouragement for my kids to enjoy art.  John encourages children to draw for themselves and not for anyone else.  He also says there are no mistakes and if you draw a line that you don’t like try to find a way to incorporate in your picture.  My girls have enjoyed the lessons that we have completed and I have seen them applying techniques that they have learned in class to other art they have created.

The above three photos are of Peanut working through Lesson 3: The Japanese Goldfish.  In the top photo she is watching the lesson.  She is working on the warm-up page in the second photo.  The third photo is of her working on her art work after watching the lesson.

Here is her finished photo.  She has drawn her fish in the middle of the photo with bubbles.  There is a sting ray above her fish as well as coral throughout the entire picture.  She has also drawn colorful shrimp (in front of and behind the fish) and a sea horse (far left) in her picture.

This is Lil’ Bit working her Japanese Goldfish.  Her finished picture of her fish swimming close to the surface of the water is below.

Munchkin (3) likes to do everything her old sisters are doing and wanted me to take a picture to share of her warm-up page.

We have been pleased with the quality of the lessons available from ArtAchieve! Please check out ArtAchieve art lessons and try the The Czech Cat sample.

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