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Doctor Aviation


My girls and I have been exploring Aviation History with Doctor Aviation. We received a 6 month subscription to review and we have been enjoying learning all about aviation!


Doctor Aviation

Daryl Smith is Doctor Aviation.  He spent over 24 years in the Air Force, was a Command Pilot with over 2,000 flying hours.  He also has experience as an instructor pilot, a research pilot, and was an instructor at the United States Air Force Academy.  He is currently a college professor.

Doctor Aviation is a semester long online course created for aviation enthusiasts of any age.  The course has a total of 15 lessons and is done in a lecture format.  Every lesson is about an hour and length and broken down into multiple segments (Technical Trivia, Notable Innovators, and Legendary Events).

Some of the things that you will learn in Doctor Aviation will be the major components of an airplane, axes & forces, radars, air traffic control, the Wright Brothers, Amelia Earhart, Chuck Yeager, Alvin “Tex” Johnston, the first flight at Kitty Hawk, lessons learned from crashes, & breaking the sound barrier.

Included with every lesson are guided notes and resources.  They are found at the bottom of every lesson.  While my kids are younger and didn’t use the guided notes, I printed them for myself and used them to review with the kids what we learned about.  The resources include websites to explore, videos to watch, field trip suggestions, books and articles to read as well as activities to further study the subject.

The Doctor Aviation Interface

The interface of Doctor Aviation is very user friendly!  When I log into my account it brings me to the dashboard.  The menu on the left allows me to get quickly back to my dashboard, view the video course list, and log out.  On the main screen of the dashboard is the next video in queue, the course progress, and account information.  There is a link to view the next video in queue.  The course information includes how many days you have been working on the course and the percentage of the course completed.  The account information gives you a quick glance at when your subscription expires along with a link that takes you to your payment information.

When you view the video course list the videos are organized in order of the lessons.  Click on the lesson that you want and it will pull up the lesson that you requested.  On the lesson page, you can view the lesson, mark the lesson as complete, download the course notes & resources, and toggle between the lessons.

Our Thoughts
My kids are loving Doctor Aviation!  Trying to watch the entire lesson at once turned out to be information overload for my kids who are all 9 & under.  We are using the natural break in between every segment in the lessons as stopping points.  Then, with the Guided Notes, we review what we saw in the segment.  This has been working great for us!

The kids enjoy the pictures of planes they have seen in Doctor Aviation.  Their favorite so far has been the P-40 Warhawk around the 41:00 mark in Lesson 2.  They still talk about the plane that has the shark teeth on it.

The kids were very excited to find out that Amelia Earhart was homeschooled (through 6th grade)!

We look forward to the remainder of the Doctor Aviation lessons and recommend Doctor Aviation to anyone who is interested in learning more about aviation.


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