Miserable Monday…Maybe.

Okay so yesterday wasn’t quite so miserable.

I had my hubby’s tablet out so I could work on signing us up for our first homeschool convention (another post soon). It was sitting on the table next to me downloading an app when all of the sudden I heard a smack. I honestly don’t know how it happened. The only thing I can figure out is somehow it got bumped (obviously). I picked it up and the corner is cracked with five long cracks that span the entire screen. Figures!

I was on the verge of tears. I call my hubby and got voicemail. So I sent him a text to call me which he did immediately. I told him what happened while trying not to cry. He took it incredibly well. Not that I would expect anything different. God has given me a wonderful guy!

When he got home he told me that he had purchased a warranty when he bought it! Yay! I am checking it out tonight to see what we need to do. It came with an Accidental Damage coverage so it will cover the cracked screen!! According to the warranty it will either be fixed or replaced.

I will update with how everything goes!

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