First Convention

Hubby and I went to our first homeschool convention this weekend and made it a very nice long weekend. I do recommend if you haven’t been to one try to make it to at least one at some point during your homeschooling time. It is well worth the expense!

From my understanding my local convention is one of the largest if not the largest convention in the US. It is huge and lasts over 4 days. The first day being mostly leadership related activities and the exhibit hall is open for a few hours, the second and third days consist of workshops and the exhibit hall, and the final day is graduation! I am sure I have not even covered a fraction of the activities that go on other than what I mentioned above. I know they had a children’s and teen programs along with movies as a few of the other things that goes on during the weekend.

My hubby and I got babysitters for our four oldest starting Thursday night. Our wonderful family took care of them! I am glad we decided to go over Thursday. We were able to make it to the last hour of the exhibit hall and it let me get over the excitement, shock, and awe of being there!

Friday morning we got off to a later than planned start. Our baby went with us and going out of town just threw her schedule off. So we burned precious exhibit hall and workshop time. We spent the entire time working our way through all of the booths. Our goal was to make it through all of the vendors by the end of the day while trying to go to workshops but that never happened. 🙂 We did make it through all of the vendors though.  I purchased the audio files so I can listen to the missed workshops.

Our goal Saturday was to go back to the booths we wanted to go back to and ask questions, purchase what we wanted to get (so we wouldn’t be rushed to make decisions and also find booths) and then spend the afternoon attending some workshops. The baby had another idea. 🙂 She had another rough night and so we started off late again but not quite as late as Friday. I did manage to make it to one workshop on Saturday but it was one that I really, really wanted to go to so it all worked out. By 3 PM we were pooped and ready to get out of there and the baby wanted to take a nap.

I do want to say a thank you to Mr. Mora of Here to Help Learning (Sorry the link button is not working right now!) He spent a lot of time showing his family’s writing program for grades 1-6 to my husband and I.  When we came back the next day he remembered us.  It meant a lot because I am sure hundreds of people came through the exhibit hall over the course of the weekend.  He also treated us as a person and not just a sale.  The program is $6.99 per month/per family (you may cancel at any time) or a convention special of $4.99 (billed annually at $59.88). The link for that is  The special pricing offer expires September 1, 2014.  I do not get any kickback for sharing his website or special pricing website.  I just wanted to spread the word of his program and will post a review at a later date after our family has used it for a while.


Have a blessed evening!

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