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Planet 316

I had the pleasure of reviewing the Daily Bible Jigsaw by Planet 316.  I received the 500 Puzzle Coins bundle (worth $39.99) and I played the Daily Bible Jigsaw on my iPhone.

Daily Bible Jigsaw by Planet 316

Every day you will have the opportunity to complete a new puzzle.  There is no cost to complete the puzzle of the day and a cost of 3 coins to complete it on another day.  Once completed a Bible verse appears with the puzzle.  Complete all of the puzzles in the month you will complete a picture for the month.

The available Platforms to play Daily Bible Jigsaw are:

There are five tools available to assist with completing the puzzle: rotate, guide, sweep, magnet, and edges.

Rotate (costs 2 coins) – With the rotate tool, the puzzle pieces will be rotated in the direction that they go in the puzzle. It did shave up to a minute off of my completion times.

Guide (costs 2 coins) – The guide allows you to take a look at the completed puzzle if you are trying to figure out where a piece should go.

Sweep (costs 1 coin per sweep) – For 1 coin, you can sweep all of the puzzle pieces to the sides of your playing board.

Magnet (Costs 1 coin per use) – The magnet is available if you need help completing the puzzle.  It will connect two random puzzle pieces.

Edges (2 coins) – Clicking on edges gives you the opportunity to see the edges of the puzzle only.  Once you have connected all of the edges in the puzzle, the remainder of the pieces will appear on the screen again.

There are some ways to earn a few coins.

When you complete tasks you will receive awards.  The amount of coins that you earn vary.  For example: Solving 250 puzzles you will receive 10 coins and solving 25 New Beginning Monday Puzzles you will receive 10 coins.

Sometime while working on the puzzle, a puzzle piece lights up and if you find and connect the piece to an adjoining piece you will receive 1 coin.

You also have the opportunity to earn coins by watching videos.

There is a tournament to see who completes the most puzzles every week.  See how you compare to others who are playing Daily Bible Jigsaw.

There are bonus puzzles available to complete.  They are 56 piece puzzles and most are free to complete.  There is a White Out Challenge, where all of the puzzle pieces are shades of white.

Once you have completed the puzzles, you can share the puzzles with Facebook.

My thoughts…

I loved playing the puzzles!  I played a few puzzles daily (the newest daily puzzle plus a few of the older ones).  Occasionally, I will do the bonus puzzles.  I really like the challenge of the bonus puzzles.

My favorite tool is the rotate tool.  While I do have fun rotating my pieces without the tool, the tool helps shave a couple minutes off of most of my times.  I have been trying to see if I can get the puzzle completed in under a minute with just the rotate tool.

The most challenging tool, due to the size of my screen, was the sweep tool.  Due to the size of my screen, I found that the pieces were moved too far over to the edge.  Only about half of each puzzle piece shows on the screen.  Then I have to move everything back to the middle to be able to see the pieces.

Seeing the Bible verses meant a lot to me, especially last week when we lost one of our family pets, Mocs.  Here is Bible verse from the puzzle of the day the day that Mocs passed.

I am working on finishing all of the prior daily puzzles.  Currently, I have about half of January’s puzzles completed.

I highly recommend Daily Bible Jigsaw for all puzzle lovers!

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