SquareTrade Warranty

*****This is my review on placing a warranty claim on a SquareTrade warranty. This is a warranty that was purchased from the company at the time our device was purchased and we are receiving no compensation for the review. *****

Day one – Our Samsung Galaxy tablet accidentally fell from our table on May 13th, 2014. The corner of the tablet has a small crack and the screen has lots of cracks! The upper left corner of the tablet is cracked and there are multiple cracks that span the entire length of the tablet screen. Ouch! I was QUITE relieved when my hubby told me there was a warranty on it. I checked out the claims.

Under accidental damage it says:

Accidental damage: Unless Accidental Damage from Handling Protection is purchased, we don’t cover items that are accidentally damaged – such as water damage, dropped iPods, and cracked laptop screens.

So I quickly looked at the active warranties and see 3-Year with ADH (Accidental Damage from Handling).  A big super YAY!

I started the claims process it begins by asking for my device information.

We had the option of shipping the device to them (they pay for the shipping) or taking it to a local approved repair shop (we pay for all of the expenses up front and then have to mail them the copies of the receipts to get reimbursed).  We chose to have it sent to them for repairs.

They asked us how do we want our money if the device is unable to be repaired.  They will pay the amount we paid for the device in the form of money being sent to a paypal account, an Amazon gift card (with a 3.5% bonus), or a check.

I had  to ask my husband how he wanted to be paid should the tablet be unrepairable so I logged out and returned another day.  When I tried to pull up the warranty it told me I needed to contact Customer Service to finish the claim.  When I called them they took care of me very quickly and within minutes of getting off of the phone I had a FedEx 2 day mailing label waiting in the email.  We printed the label, found the power cord (we had been using a longer one that we bought and didn’t want to mail that on in case the tablet couldn’t be fixed), wrapped up the tablet very well, and shipped it off.

SquareTrade notified us when it got to them and gave us information about how to track the repair process.  A few days later we received word that it was being shipped back to us and when to expect it.  It arrived not in the box that we shipped it in but a small box designed to ship tablets.

We are pleased with the fast turnaround of SquareTrade.  If you have little kids (and even if you don’t) the warranty was one of the few extended warranties worth to pay for.  Make sure it has accidental damage coverage!!

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