It is that time again!

Sorry that I have been quiet. I really had planned on writing more often but with 5 young kids, including a baby that nurses I don’t have much extra time to blog. I have also had computer issues that left me unable to blog. Our laptop screen finally gave out and our desktop computer had no keyboard until last night. We had been using a tablet PC input panel that allowed us to click the letters on the screen with our mouse. Nearly impossible to blog unless I wanted to be sitting at the computer slowly clicking the post out. 🙂

A new year is upon us. 🙂 We homeschool year round so we don’t take the long break during the summer like the public school kids do. It has allowed us to take extra breaks throughout the year this past year while adjusting to the newest member of our family and to adjusting to being a family of 7. The kids are doing great. Sweet Pea has her annual evaluation coming up in a week. I am a bit nervous as to what to expect. Everyone tells me that she will do just fine on the test (WRAT-4). The others just want to keep up with her. 🙂

I am looking forward to this year and plan on sharing some of what we are doing along with personal reviews of items that we have purchased.

I added a page with our 2014-2015 curriculum. Right now it is on the main menu. I tried moving it to be under ‘Homeschool’ but despite the changes it still sits on the main menu. If you have any ideas on how to fix it I would greatly appreciate it! Thanks!

Have a blessed day!

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